Murrayfield Ice Rink

The ice rink sits to the side of the Murrayfield stadium. It was built in 1938/9 having been designed by architects JB DUNN and GL MARTIN. and was due to open late 1939 before being scuppered by the outbreak of the war. Ultimately it didn’t open as an actual ice rink until the 1950’s, beingContinue reading “Murrayfield Ice Rink”

St Andrew's House

St Andrew’s House, Regent Road, Calton Hill, Edinburgh Thomas Tait of Burnet, Tait & Lorne 1935-39 St Andrew’s House is placed at the foot of Calton Hill, a focal point in the city of Edinburgh, and at one end of the main shopping street, Princes Street. It sits in a key and central location therefore.Continue reading “St Andrew's House”

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