Murrayfield Ice Rink

The ice rink sits to the side of the Murrayfield stadium. It was built in 1938/9 having been designed by architects JB DUNN and GL MARTIN. and was due to open late 1939 before being scuppered by the outbreak of the war. Ultimately it didn’t open as an actual ice rink until the 1950’s, beingContinue reading “Murrayfield Ice Rink”

Cardboard Box Factory, Bonnington Road, Edinburgh

This building is a two storey former factory designed by Stewart, Kay and Walls in 1939. In 1946 an extension was added in the same style. The building was listed as a Category C in 1992 by Historic Environment Scotland. The building is brick built with white render (now green), broad windows and bottle greenContinue reading “Cardboard Box Factory, Bonnington Road, Edinburgh”

The Ravelston Flats, Edinburgh

Ravelston Garden, Edinburgh EH4 Ravelston Garden flats feature three distinct blocks of curved white buildings with garage wings, balconies and roof gardens set in their own gardens. The flats were designed by the architects Robert Hurd and Andrew Neil though the consensus of opinion appears to be that it was solely down to the latter.Continue reading “The Ravelston Flats, Edinburgh”

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